Santa Letters 2023 at TrinityStone Realty

This year at TrinityStone Realty we held a Letters To Santa for our Stittsville neighbourhood and past client families. We thought it would be a fun idea for children to take the time to put together a letter, and then drop it off outside our office in our Santa Mailbox at 1300 Stittsville Main St., Stittsville and
at the same time pickup their package of Reindeer food. Santa of course sent them back a letter. There were so many happy little smiles, and giggles that we enjoyed this event immensely and can't wait to do it again next year. Thank you to all that participated!

Have a Safe and Happy Holidays Everyone!

TrinityStone Realty's Letters To Santa 2023 Event at 1300 Stittsville Main St., Stittsville, ON