Your Home plus 550% is An Intergenerational Game-Changer

Dion Beg from Kanga Mortgages is offering a free webinar on investing in real estate.  Many of our Realtors and clients have attended these in the past and found the webinars very insightful.  See below for more about the webinar ...

"If you’re in your 50’s you may remember buying your first home around 30 years ago. 

No doubt you were scared as hell! 

But it probably turned out to be the foundation for the life you have built.

30 years ago (1994) the average Toronto home was valued at $205K. 

Today, that average is $1.126M. That’s a 550% increase.
  But your wealth comes at a cost.

How your home value can appreciate over the years

See, wages have just not kept up with property price growth

And, while you’ve been the Beneficiary of the GTA Property Lottery, your kids and grandkids are the unfortunate Victims.

 The short story:  your kids will likely never own real estate…..

… unless you are willing to help.  

You also don’t want to handicap yourself by giving too much and leaving yourself short financially. 

You probably have questions about how you could help your family but still be financially safe. 

Register now for our FREE webinar and discover how to unlock the hidden potential of your home to build a family legacy now.
Lower Rates & The Path Ahead

Tuesday, Jan 30th @ 7 PM"